Take away matter and space and time,
Spiral down to a minimum condition.
We end with a state of no things, a
Round zero.

And, yet, such a state is itself something;
A defined condition with concrete properties.
It is zero, it is consistent.
Take zero away and it dissolves, incoherent.

A zero object,
The minimum existence can be and cohere.
Containing nothing, yet itself

Such an object may split without contradiction,
Partitioned into complementary parts.
As light may unfold into a spectrum of colour,
So zero may unfold into a spectrum of life.

Split zero (negative plus positive, parts plus links, matter plus gravity)
Forms a whole no less consistent than its unsplit self.
Indeed, the zero object may unfold in countless ways – and yet
Always be coherent, always be zero in sum.

Perhaps this is what drives existence,
Each zero-sum only a piece of all possibilities.
But the world cannot be all (states) at once:
Thus, it is compelled to shift shape.

The universe is forced to transform
Through re-arrangements of zero,
Through evolving forms of equilibrium,
In perpetuity; only ever-changing is it complete.

Over space and time,
It folds and unfolds, pushes and pulls,
Expands and contracts, creates and destroys,
Makes planets and solar systems and chairs and us.

The zero object, creative
By necessity.
Our universe, coherence
At play.